What year is THIS EZGO Textron?


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Hi guys, Happy New Year!

Bought this cart for my grand daughter and right away started having problems. The seller is an individual and knows about as much as I do. I paid him $1300 for this and a charger.

First, I have no idea what year/model this is. S/N is B201
1345021. Typed on the plate that way, with the bottom 7 numbers beneath it.

Then there is, on the driver's side, a plate that says: KG 360 and the 4th number is scratched so that I cannot identify it.

Second, the guy told us we could leave the charger hooked up all the time when we weren't using it. There are 3 wires mounted to a positive post on one battery that are now melted. I suspect this is from overcharging. There is only an amp meter on the charger (36 volt).

It doesn't hold a charge very long. After being driven over a 10 acre yard about 2 hours it is ready for another charge. I checked the batteries for water. Every battery in the back row was dry enough to see the lead plates. I filled all of them to the proper mark.

Since the insulation melted off the wires I parked it. I replaced several short wires from battery to battery. I just touched them and they fell apart.

Guys, I really hope this isn't a fried motor or controller. I appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks in advance,



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Well, if she moves fine and just has durration of charge issues then your controller and motor
should be fine, the charger should shut off after the pack is charged but it is possible that it isn't.

On the batteries, any part of the lead plate that was exposed will no longer hold charge in the exposed area, even if it was recovered with water so you may want to look at a battery set, this can be a chunk of change which tends to make people replace 1 or 2 at a time, this is not a good practice, lead acid batteries are canabalistic, the bad one or two will eat on the good ones causing them to fail quicker than normal so it is best to just replace the pack and put some 4 guage wires on it as well, you'll be glad you did.

from the info you've provided I think it's a 2001.

Hope this helps.
Happy New Year!!


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Happy New Year!

Thanks for the post. If the batteries won't hold a charge where the water was down enough to expose the plates that explains why it doesn't hold a charge very long.

Why do you think the three wires, two of which go to the charger, melted and burned through? I hate to buy six new batteries and have the same thing happen again. Is it possible that I left the charger on too long and it didn't shut off?

At any rate, thanks again for posting, it's good to know about how old it is.



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Depending on how far or how long you drive, 2 hours at full throttle is about all you can expect from a set of fully charged batteries.
When you charge, your charger should shut off in between 6 and 14 hours depending on how much charge it needs and the temperature.
The reason your cables melted is from a bad, loose or corroded connection. I would start by replacing the cables with the stock 6ga or even upgrade to 4ga cables.
Here is a SOC chart to help you determine the condition of your batteries: