What year is my Westinghouse Golf Cart?


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Just picked up this Westinghouse golf cart for $40. I'm trying to find out what year it is.

Model # 437
Serial #: 415928




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Welcome to Cartaholics! This is all I could find on the internet.

Around 1967 they came out with the model 436 series four wheelers and 437 three wheelers. In 1976 Westinghouse revised their overall corporate strategy and the electric vehicle division was sold to Nordskog.


1977 Westinghouse/Marketeer named "Harvey". It currently belongs to Janet and John Krengel. Janet's late father Harvey had given them the cart in 1998, hence the name. Here he is shown with his twin grandsons. The cart was restored by Skip's Golf Carts of Boone , Iowa. Chosen colors are from the Iowa State University Cyclones.


Wiring diagram for 1965 to 1978 Westinghouse model 436, 437, 438, and 439


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Thanks for the welcome.
That's all I could find as well. I have this picture printed out hanging near the golf cart. Thanks for the wiring diagram too.