What Year is my Harley

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Harley Davidson Dating Guide
To determine the year of your cart you will need to find the serial number. It is located on a tin tag mounted on the upper frame rail on the right or left side near the rear wheel. Carts made in the 60's use the first two digits to denote the year and the next two are the model.
For carts made in the 70's or 80's the last two digits denote the year. It
will be an (H) followed by a number for carts made in the 70's.
For example H4 for 1974. For carts made in the 80's it will be a (J)
followed by a number.
For example J1 for 1981. The model number will be the first two digits
of your serial number.
Refer to the chart below for the cross reference.

Model Identification Chart
For Electric Models Made from:
1963 to 1976 4B= Model DE 6B= Model DEC
1976 to 1978 8D= Model DE40
1977 to 1983 4B= DE3 6K= DEX4
1979 to 1982 8D= MGIV
For Gas Models made from:
1963 to 1981 3B= Model D
5B= Model DC
7C= Model D4
3K= Model Classic
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