What Year Is My EZGO?


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What year is my EZGO? I bought a EZGO and have no idea what year it is the body tag says:
EZGO Textron Polaris EZGO division of textron inc 60623-TT2699.
The motor tag is harder to read it says:robin engine model ec25ds dis 244 cc
motor no 100957.can you help me with the year and where to locate parts?


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sounds like you have a 1999 EZ-GO TXT The engine should be a 295CC Robins engine. If you are looking for parts online the quickest place to go is Buggies Unlimited. You can shop around.........don't forget your local cart dealer


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I am looking for the year of my golf cart too. I've looked everywhere on the cart and it is nowhere to be found.

It has a Robin EC25DS Fujiheavy engine with the engine no. as 112899. It is a 3-wheeler golf cart and believe it to be in the 70's.




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RH- isn't Khubert's engine a 244cc rather than a 295cc? He said the tag says displacement 244cc.....