What year is my cart?


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I need to know the year of my cart... I'm thinking it's early 80's... If I can get the VIN off of it, what numbers do I need to look at to find the year?



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The tag should be on the dash, passenger side, just under the storage compartment. If it has a Manufactures code post it here. If it doesn't have the manufactures code we'll need the serial number...


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First item is a well deserved "thank you" to the people responsible for this web site. I just purchased an old car for personal transportation around the farm and know nothing about the cart and how to repar and maintain it. This site has a wealth of information for us neophites.

Where is the source of information for these numbers? I have not found anyting on the E-Z- GO web site.

Identification: S/N 530446
MFG CODE F 1389 or F I389




Welcome to the forum and thank you for the compliment on the site!!!

Your cart is a 1989. There a guide in the EZGO resource forum that explains how to determine the year...


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Thank you for the model date.

I will look for more information at the source cited.

I had wondered if the Mfg Code contained the date of manufacture. I was guessing that the F meant June and the date was the 13th . Some manufactures use this type of coding.

Thanks again