What Weight Oil Does a Fairplay Use In the Rear End


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I am going to change the gear oil in a 2008 FairPlay eve cart rear end. What weight and amount of oil does this Fairplay use?


I believe a Fairplay uses about 20 ounces of 90 weight gear oil. With the golf cart on level ground fill the rear end until the oil come out the file hole.


The Fairplay carts I've worked on only had one plug located on the passenger side of the rear end near the bottom of the case. That plug is where you add the oil. You can jack the drivers side of the cart up and the oil will drain out of that hole when you remove the plug. You can also use a large syringe with a rubber hose to pull the oil out.


The vent on the upper left side of diff. unscrews, i would only put in 16 ounces of 75w gear oil or you run the risk of oil being thrown out vent at high speeds.