What type of fun you have after all day hard work?


Speaking of pictures it sucks that photobucket went crazy with the FREE hosting. Ruined a lot of threads on a lot of forums. :mad:


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I have no Choice . I'm going to pay them what they want.. I love all my pic's from that era in my life . My pics are the only thing I have that tell the truth. My pics tell the real story from day two in 1999. To the last day drag golf carts ever assembled ... I have Personally met over 99.9 % of all the guys that ever sat in a drag golf cart.. I have pics of them all.

But like I said my best pic's are the expressions from the gas guys that just blew up a nuds motor . Several times I invited Nubs to fly into one of our races . All expense on me of course .. Free plane ticket. Free room & board. Not once would he take me up on one of my offers. Not knowing at the time it was his motors blowing up in the gas guys carts .. Sorry too ramble on like this .. Nubs!!!!!