What to do? That is the ultimate question


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Hi guys.

I currently have a Yam 93' G9 with a 400CC Kawasaki motorcycle engine in it.

Now that the project is almost done, the dang right cylinder is smoking like a bandit. I'm thinking of putting something new in.

I have two oppertunities at the present moment and not sure where to go.

Someone has a 79' Honda 400CC engine they'd sell me for $200. This may or may not be an easy swap, as it doesn't have the wiring harness with it.

Or, I found a guy that has an older 550 skidoo still all together with an additional lower end. Guy says it has a bigger fan on the other lower end....not sure I understand that. He says he'd sell it for $300.

But then, I read a post from guys on the forum having luck with a 16HP DuroMax, who says he can do whellies! Dang!! I don't know how quiet a motor like this is?

My goal for this cart is to eventually be able to use it at the campground, not just here at the house. Which means what ever I put in this thing needs to be somewhat quiet. Or, get this thing together and sell it to buy something stock.

The Kawasaki engine I have now is not very quiet. But, I've welded a stock honda exhaust system to it, which helped, but still too loud for a campground.

Maybe I should buy the snowmobile, use the pully's on it and then buy the Duromax engine?

I'd love to hear your opinions as to which way I should go!


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If your still using a belt drive setup I would go with the snowmobile engine or duromax. I can't speak to how quiet the duromax engine is but after firing my 400cc rotax in my G1 today it is far from campground material. Pull or electric start is always nice. I doubt the motorcycle engine is either. Maybe retrofitting a used 2 stroke silencer would help with noise.


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[email protected], Id like to see some pics of what your doing when you get a chance! Id go with the clone just for the price alone.Plus you have electric start and its a 4 stroke.That would make it great for trails and/or campgrounds. My own experience is a majority of people who dont even know what a 2 stroke is, hate them just because of the noise factor.


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Now, I am pulling my hair out cause I almost finished this thing. Last night, I blew a fuse SOMEWHERE and now it won't start.....ERRRRRRRRR

The pictures are of when I first got it. Since, I've spent 40-50 hours on the engine, rebuilding carbs, getting a exhaust system welded, rebuilding the seat with diamond plating, moving things, like the fwd/rev handle over, putting on a new fan on the front, adding lights, etc, etc...

Here's a couple of pictures.






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Here, I took some more pictures this morning. Here is what it looks like today (with wires in a mess, trying to figure this thing out!!!)

I'll tell you guys, as you probably already know - when you do a big block conversion, not only do you need to know all the wiring, mechanics, etc. of a golf cart, but you also need to know all about the wiring, mechanics, carb work, etc. etc. of the big block you put in the cart!!

Luckily for me, I found a website and forum dedicated completely to 1976 KZ400 D3 motorcycles, which had all wiring diagrams, mechanics, even the original owners manual. Anything and everything I needed to know about this motor is on the site.

Not that it's doing me much good today, after I blew some fuse or something, somewhere in this dang cart!!! (Can you tell I am frustrated?)