What Size Fuse In a Club Car


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Hi folks! Nice forum ya'll have here and thanks for having me!

I've been playing around with my 1996 Club Car DS gas golf cart. I'm big on maintenance and love to do my own work. I mainly cruise around our Lake/camp ground so lights are installed front and rear aswell as UNDER !

While checking for switch power for my radio, I crossed two connections by mistake and popped the only fuse I saw in the fuse block. Kinda cool how it lights up when no good.(figured that out).. and yes i had the ground off, but i had loosely put it on to see something and forgot.

Anyhow, I was just wondering what size or how many amp fuse should be in there? I put a 30 amp in it for now, but want to put the right one in it.

I'm trying to find the kind of fuse that lights up as well, never saw a fuse like that those before.

Thanks for any help...


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It calls for a 10 amp fuse. A 30 amp fuse may let something melt before it pops so go with the 10 amp or 15 amps tops.