What model do I have?


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I just purchased a 2002 EZGO electric cart and I don't know what model I have. I am wanting to put accessories on it but am clueless to which model I have. Thank you and any help will be appreciated.


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It is probably a TXT.
If it has headlights, tail lights and signal lights, it could be a Freedom, same as a TXT with options and a high speed motor.
If the FNR switch is on the dash it's a PDS drive, it the FNR switch is down by your right knee it's a series cart.
The manufacturers number is by the glove box on the passenger side and probably starts with a letter and 3 numbers. The last 2 numbers are the year. Yours should be XX02. The serial number does not indicate the year.
Hope this helps.
What kind of accessories are you looking for?


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I am looking to put a windshield and the cover to keep wind and rain out. Thank you for your response it helps me alot.



If its a 2002 EZGO and its a golf cart its a TXT. Can you post a picture and then we can tell you for sure