What lights are on your cart?


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I know its not a lifted question but im curious of what lights people are running. I was thinking of doing the baja style with 2 lights in the center. What do you have????


Iv'e had all kinds of lights, including baja's mounted on a brush guard. They all work, just depends on what look your after. Those bajas are a violaters dream, mixed with bud lites.


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You'll need the ones that are bright enough to light up the woods when you stop to get your miller lites on so you dont miller lite on your boots.

Check ebay under off road lites. theres a lot of buy it now stuff thats not name brand but they work and look good.


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I have both the EZGO lightbar and the 55W off-road lights. I picked up the off-road lights at Kragen's or Autozone for around $45


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I have the cut in lights on my CC and never again. If you get the pattern a bit off the lights don't fit the body well. You have to be right on. But say you are right on and you like the way they look. You can not adjust them to shine in the proper place. Nope, some little lights down on the bumper is my next choice.


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These are 55w Halogen driving lights mounted to the factory light bar brackets. My son broke the original light bar and the brackets were retained. Works great, less filling!



I am kind of at the point that the cut in factory lights are a waste of money, look good not worth a :censored: for lighting. They do not work with most brush guards, shine into them. The small aftermarket lights mounted propably seem to do a much better job.


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I found it listed on BU's site part #LHT EZ2 CHR TOP K ($69.99) under the Closeout Closet link. It's made for EZ-Go, but since I have a '02 CC DS and it has the stiffer roof I thought I would give it a shot. I centered it, drilled the 3 holes, bolted it on, and wired it up. The lights are 4 55w Northern Tool Halogen Driving Sportlights.