What Is This Part & Why Is It So HOT?


Got in my '00 Carryall this morning and No-Go. The cart has never once given me any problems whatsoever. After checking all connections, etc I pushed down on the go pedal, cart moved literally about 1/2 inch and stopped moving. I smelled a very slight "plasticky" burning smell and found this (see pic). It was hotter than a lid on hell. Did it fail? What is it and what does it do? Where can I get another and ensure that it doesn't happen again? Thanks in advance!Doc


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DOC Your picture shows the solenoid that allows power to flow to controls. On top of it is a resistor across the large terminals that normally does get warm ( but not hot ) in normal operation. The diode across the 2 smaller terminals is to protect electrical parts from having a back surge that can damage internal contacts.
Normally the reason for any high heat problem is because of loose or corroded connections or internal cable corrosion.
ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH DC ELECTRICAL POWER? If not it could be wise to have some one knowlegable do the clean up and possible parts replacements needed?


Hi, thanks for the reply...yes, I know the rudiments of DC power, not an expert by any means, but most of it is intuitive. FWIW, the blue cable on the back of the F/R switch is hanging on barely by a thread...this probably is my problem with this resistor heating up, right? Thanks again!


I'd go over all your cable connections and replace any cables that show signs of heat. As hot as it looks like the solenoid got I'd replace it to.