What can I get for $4500?


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I was originally thinking 2006-08 EZGO PDS, but after talking with several posters, I think series Cart is what I want. No hills here, but I need some torque, because I want to put on a hitch, and haul stuff around the yard.

Do you think I can get lifted, new tires and wheels, new or newish batteries, digital volt meter, rear seat, paint, lights, HD connections with 4 ga all around, and a 400 amp controller for $4500? I am also budgeting $500 for shipping.

I'll be ready to buy in a couple weeks or so.
I posted this on the other forums too. Do you think that's a fair price for what I want?
Where are you located??

I am a dealer in MI. Here is what we have at the shop:

2006 E-Z-GO PDS with new batteries and rear seat and lights for $2650.00
If you want 4ga cables and a 400a controller and lift figure you would be about $1300 extra, which would put you at around $3750

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Does that include a HD solenoid, and 4ga to everything?

You can contact me at [email protected] If you have a picture that would be nice. I saw some past carts on your web site that look like what I'm looking for.

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Hey for 1,100 I can get you the best drag racing motor in the golf cart business...for 12 or 13 hundred more I can hook you up with the best race controller in the golf cart business ...No Waite !!!!!! Wrong forum..... I would just go with what Radicalgolfcarts had to say....He seems to be a man of few words...... But his word is good!!!!!