Wet Clutch 79 3-Wheel Harley Davidson Golf Cart


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found some where that it is a 'wet clutch' and should have 90 wt oil in it?. I tried it and it definatly seemed to go better, but way more noticeably in reverse, if it would go that fast in forward gear that would be awsome! What is the reason that it goes so much better in reverse. (seems like ive seen this issue with different carts also). It also seem to run better in reverse, when it wont start in forward i can put it in reverse and it will take off like a bat out of hell.? (not that it wouldnt start in forward, but i would have to pull the choke, when i wouldnt in reverse). Cart was given to me, engine looks immaculate, one owner (guy even gave me the sales reciept from when he bought it). It is way slower in forward and way morboggy, takes forever to even go a little faster that turtle speed. any idea would help. thanks


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ignition timing, fairly common on old 2 strokes that run in both directions. need to get the points to open a little sooner than the piston gets to the top of the cylinder