Westinghouse Marketeer Golf Cart What Year Is It?


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I just got a Westinghouse electric golf cart but don't know what I have and what year it is. It looks complete but no batteries. Can you tell me what I have for sure and year of it? Also what would it be worth? I don't know if the motor is good or not. The body is in perfect condition but does need paint. The model 427 is on tag and it's a 3 wheeler golf cart.

The reason I'm asking what this golf cart is and whats it's worth is because I'm needing it to tow my drag car around in pits and back up return road to pits. If this golf cart is worth more restored then I don't want to cut or modify a piece of history or something very rare. All I need is a tow cart for the race car so and I'm not concerned what it is worth. So if this Westinghouse golf cart I have is a collector then i'd rather sell it or trade it for a non collector cart to someone that would restore it and keep it's history going. If I have something here that should be restored instead of modifing with bike engine and so on please let me know..
Also if it has no value restored will it tow my 2800lb. race car ok with it being a 3-wheeler? Or should i part with it and go with 4 wheel cart?


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I don't know what a 3 wheel Westinghouse Marketeer is worth, but it seems it would definitely be from the fifties or sixties, so it is old. IMHO you'd probably be better served with a 4 wheel cart if only for the extra weight on the front. If your 3 wheeler is in decent shape, you could probably at least get a trade for a newer cart, if not an outright purchase.

Where are you located?


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It will tow your car OK and certainly would have the classic look if it was refurbed.
More info on the Westinghouse carts can be seen about the golf carts history can be seen at Vintage Golf Carts.
The golf cart is not a collectors item.