Western Golf Cart Won't Run in Forward or Reverse


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i am trying to figure out how to post this question to everybody, so ill start here. I have an old Western golf cart fully charged and power to everything but it will not go forward or reverse. Was wondering if it could just be the toggle switch for forward and reverse. Or any suggestions


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And a golf cart power to everything means nothing everything the controller turns on and off is controlled by the negative line if it has a controller and you say it has a switch for forward and reverse then it more than likely has a reversing solenoid has this cart been converted or is it still a series Drive cart


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i am pretty sure it has a controller box on it....im trying to help one of my members...but i did see a box underneath driver side seat....ur thinking maybe the controller might be bad


First thing i would check is the cables to motor, western carts seem to break the cables at the motor for some reason, Does the solenoid click when you press the gas pedal down? If not i would check the reed switch for power first. There also is the micro switch in the throttle box under the floor. find a diagram and start checking for voltage inputs to controller before condemning the controller.