Western Golf Cart Runs 10-15 Minutes Then Stops


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Hi guys I purchased a 2002 Western golf cart 48 volts it has a Curtis PMC 1244 unit, it was running fine ( until the boys got hold of it) then the positive cable to the motor completely sheared off almost like it corroded. So I repaired, soon their after the golf cart would run for a while 10-15 minutes then it would stop running, power off ( tow switch off /on) and turn back on it runs again. I thought it might be a bad solenoid so I replaced Nope, I also replaced toggle tow switch Nope, I also replaced forward/ reverse switch Nope. The Led light blinks 2 sets of 5 . Anybody have an idea? Thanks for any help


The 5-5 code is Main Dropped which is normally a bad solenoid or controller. Seeing how you already replaced the solenoid and it's still giving the 5-5 code it's more than likely the controller or possibly a bad connection. Is the controller or any cable connections getting hot during the 10-15 minutes the golf cart is running?