Welcome Shelby Control Systems


I'd like to welcome Shelby Control Systems to Cartaholics.

Shelby Control Systems Manufacturer of the Speed Code 5 Programmer now offers new ALLTRAX Controllers, Red Hawk Series and Sepex Motors Both Torque and Speed, FSIP Sepex Speed and Torque Motors and LESTER ELECTRIC Summit II Chargers. These Controllers, Chargers and Motors fit EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts and LSVs.
ALLTRAX Controllers up to 600 amp models, for stock and upgraded motors and LESTER ELECTRIC SUMMIT II Battery Chargers with Bluetooth technology.

Check out their website for GREAT deals on everything mentioned above and more.
Thank you for advertising at Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum.


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whatchutalknboutwillis? Is that really something?

No sir, but I got some old ones ya can wire up funky and make the peeps think for more than a minute lol. Paint it with holley emblem and tell them it's a 6AL for Club Car :rotflmao:


I'd like to thank @Diode from Shelby Control Systems for sponsorship renewal at Cartaholics for another year. :hattip: