Welcome Golf Cart Tire Supply

Thanks for the warm welcome, Rod! And thanks @Nubs and @qwik as well. We are happy to be a supporter of a great forum with great info on it. We will definitely look to help answer people's technical questions with our expertise throughout the forum, and look forward to seeing all of your different cart builds!

As Rod mentioned, we are first and foremost EXPERTS in all things related to golf cart tires, wheels, lift kits, wheel spacers, etc. (and we have quite a few detailed educational resources on our site for these products) and in addition we have a team of in-house techs who are experts in all golf cart accessories across the board.

The most popular items on our site are definitely any golf cart wheels and tires as pre-mounted combo kits, followed closely by all other types of golf cart accessories (lift kits, rear seat kits, fender flares, front clays baskets, and more).

We are always here to answer your questions on the phone (real humans!). And are proudly USA owned and operated out of South Bend, IN + Chicago, IL.

Don't hesitate to contact us about anything! We're here to help even when you're not ordering :thumbsup:


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Golf Cart Tire Supply has good prices good to see them sponsoring Cartaholics :hattip:
Thanks again everyone for the nice comments on this thread! We have been extremely busy adding more team members to our business and offering more high-quality items on our website every day. The golf cart accessories industry is growing like crazy, which means good things for all us cart owners =)

Please be sure to check out our huge (expanded) selection of Golf Cart Parts for any of your replacement part and OEM golf cart part needs as well!


Thanks for posting the information about your expanded section of golf cart parts and for your continued support here at Cartaholics.
We do appreciate it! :hattip:


I'd like to say thank you to Golf Cart Tire Supply for renewing their ad and sponsoring Cartaholics for another year. :thumbsup: :usa:

Keep an eye on their website they have added a lot of golf cart parts and golf cart accessories and continue to add parts. Great prices and service. :hattip: