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I did a ton of research before settling on the ECO 51V 105AH bundle. I installed it myself and I am so pleased with the product.
1) no more electrolyte level worries
2) Faster charging times
3) weight loss -250lbs
4)No corrosion on terminals or anywhere else
5) on/off button on battery
6) More speed, picked up around 2.7 MPH
7) Torque increased substantially. Hauls ass uphill now
8) Longer run time
9) great battery gauge
10) bundle included on board charger and 120v receptacle and 12v power supply
11) only one BMS. have seen so much online issues with multiple lithium batteries resulting in multiple BMS causing untold havoc and heartache

Cons- can't think of any. So far 7 months of problem free cruising down on the river road watching the launches at KSC and Canaveral Space force station. When they land those boosters it is loud


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