Weak Club Car


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Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster.
Just bought a new gas EZ-Go...and love it!
But I have a sentimental attachment to my 1990 36 volt club car.
Fairly new batteries, newer Lester charger. Getting a full 36 volts across the grid, but it barely moves when I push the throttle. Also, putting it in R, the buzzer goes weak when I push the throttle. Seems like it needs a charge, but voltmeter is getting 36 volts. Plug in the charger anyway, and it runs non stop, and I can hear the batteries bubbling. Any ideas?


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The first thing I would do is check individual batteries for proper voltage at each battery. Then I would double check wiring from battery to battery and each battery is wired correctly. Now if all is ok, check the heat coils (the curly que things between batteries and the motor) for breaks. If that is all ok the next step is motor brushes. I always check easiest to hardest on any problem.


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First thing, measure the pack voltage (should be 38.2v or better) then the individual batteries (should be 6.37v or better), if that's OK on to the next step
Your charger, depending on the state of charge could run up to 16 hours before it shuts off and bubbling is quite normal as long as it is not excessive.
The voltage on the pack from your charger will get up to around 46v before it shuts off. The amperage drops as the voltage rises.
Make sure your batteries are filled no more than 1/4" above the plates or you will boil over and get acid on the floor and cart rails.
If that's all good and your still getting little response from the cart, clean and tighten all battery cables.