Water Transfer Designs on Parts Golf Cart Bodies


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
i know shops have been doing this water transfer for awhile now... we noe have a local guy that will start doing many parts for us....
after seeing and talking with the new shop i know understand why this is a pricing process...

its alomost like custom paint work... the part has to be sealed in a base color then the water transfer then a final clear coat sprayed on for the perfect shine and protection.....

there are over 3000 print/designs to choose from

we are have some sample parts done and working on pricing....

we have some bead lock rings and EZ-GO arm rest done in the carbon fiber

EZ-GO plastic seat back done in a skull design.... when we have the Pro Mod Drag Cart ready we will have the body and many parts done in something crazy.....

they are doing some crazy stuff to one of my low rider wagons for display at the Easy Rider Show coming up in Jan....
here are some pics of the carbon fiber on some Kart wheels....

one is the normal carbon fiber and the other a bronze style

we will post pics and prices as we go.... im thinking the little parts and combo kits like dash, rockers, arm rest seat backs etc all in camo to skull style.... let me know what you think oir ideas.... i think theres a website with the 3000 different designs if and when i will post

thanks again and happy holidays






Cartaholic - R.I.P.
we got some ezgo seat backs done in skulls i think our pro mod drag cart is going to be done in these skulls should have carbon fiber arm rest soon for the ezgos






Cartaholic - R.I.P.
auto clear coat is over for uv protection

also all the side x side have been using it for years now....

hey DS been trying to get ahold of you give me a call


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
ok we now have seat backs for ezgo done in a skulls pattern

at this time $75.00 plus shipping

carbon fiber hip restraints $120.00 pair and i need your old ones so exchange

i have 2 sets ready to ship