Water Cooled Engine for EZGO Golf Cart


I'm not sure how you can make the stock EZGO engine water cooled unless you change to a water cooled engine. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:


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Some Kawasaki mules had water cooled v-twins, nice swap but takes some skill/work. cheap Polaris ATV's are all over, uses the same CVT style clutching.


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2 main reason:
1. they get hot and sometimes burn my seat.
2. Battery keeps dying on customer (maybe because of BT speakers)
I have a rental company.


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If you live in heavy traffic your battery is dying due to the customers keeping their foot on the accelerator pedal causing the motor to spin but not fire the engine if adjusted correctly the engine will not start or charge the battery until depressed about an inch :twocents:


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And on different engines they offer a replacement jug that has water jackets but the jug on the Kawasaki is not removable so there is no kit to water cool that engine