washed now want go

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my cart worked fine yesterday drove this morning fine come back from work washed it now all it will do is click seniold didnt spray on electrical just on body this is the second time this has happened anybody got any ideas checked battery volts they were 50.9


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This happens occasionally, let it sit a few days to dry out and all should be fine.
If you can take the compressor and blow out the contacts, controller, throttle and microswitches.
This happened to me on the MH generator and I would have been $$$ ahead had it did as Doug suggested in your case. Looking on the bright side I got a crash course in how gas generators work and why when wet electronics can take a break.


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Hey New Rider,
I have had the same thing happen before, but not no more. I can wash my cart then get on it and go. I found out that if you spray down all connection ends in the battery compartment with battery post protectant (the red stuff from CarQuest) including wire harness ends, this will help your situation out greatly. That stuff also helped me out with battery wire end corrosion. I spray all ends down atleast 3 times a year after a good wash down.