warm charger plug

hey guys,
i am getting a warm plug at the port on the cart and at the plug where the charger is plugged into the wall????never had this happen (that i know of) in 3 years???? i just don't want to mess anything up HELP please.... thanks in advance


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Depending on what wiring you have going to wall plug from house it could be common to have some warmth, but not hot. Older homes only had 14 gauge with long wiring runs which when charger plugged in is very marginal. I try and use a 10-12 guage wired circuit for my charger power sourse if possible. Anytime you have heat in wiring it means pushing the limits of wire size.
On your cart charge port I would disassemble your port and check for corrosion and loose connections. Many carts like mine sit outside all the time and corrosion is a major problem. Also take emery paper and clean charger plug insides to allow good clean connection into cart charger port.
thanks... i am moving into a new house at the end of aug and am in a rental now... first time i tried to charge it here... so i know nothing about the wiring or such...i saw posts about the port and plug but nothing about the wall plug.... but both were warm to hot when i checked on them so i just disconnected...would the port being dirty or loose make the wall plug warm also????