Wanted Workhorse or TXT Gasser


I'm looking for a EZGO Workhorse or TXT gasser in the Illinois area. Preferably not running but will consider all. I'm not concerned with condition but need a good frame and rear end.

Thanks, HRC


As little as possible LMAO.... What is it? Is it running? I'm really looking for one that has a bad engine or no engine. But if the price is right I'll take anything. Got any pics?


Oh ya this one will be running alright.
I need around $3500 for it. It will have a 45hp engine, new ST body w/ light package, brush guard, rear flip flop seat, 5" lift, 25" tires...you know the good stuff.


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HRC, I know this isn't exactly what you looking for but I have this 94, 804, TUFF 1. The bed does tilt but there is no latch, it was bolted down when I got it. It does have mounts for the power dump set up. Its old 295 chunked a rod so the engine has been removed. I was going to put a 350 in it but haven't gotten around to it. I did make 3" lift blocks for it and beefed up the rear suspension. It also has a new cowl, headlights, markerlights, and new to it tail lights, and a towing hitch bar. It would be a good one to put a bigger 4 stroke in cause the rearend doesn't connect to the engine like the txt, so you wouldn't have to buy an engine craddle to mount one. I'd take $750 for it like it sets.