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Half way there, full list of new hurdles..why do I think everything will be easy before I pull the trigger? We restored this buggy a year or 2 ago engine was done also..2 blocks and the lawn tractor sold just did not match the paint.lol I waited to be gifted a v twin water cooled power plant and 6 months ago a buddy came thru..

A bobber project that was abandoned became my next wiring nightmare. 10 hrs later over 5 to 6 day stretch she fired .. a fresh 10000 mile 60 hp twin now needs to fit.

The simple club car design looked good ... why reinvent the wheel right? Sounds good until you run out of room and a vtwin sticking thru the deck would look cool but let's face it..heat and sound that stops all on board communication is a 20 yr old dream not mine..Me? Nice low vtwin rumble with twice pipes breathing power out the rear coupled with Japanese reliability...sign me up..

I have many bad habits but the short list is I think every project will take 4 hrs..tack this add those weld this and rock on.. I've yet to beat the time on any of my time estimates, that's not counting a roll in the hay of course.

So she runs on bench, top rear mount is square and level with transaxle but the universe is funnier than carrots top on his best day. So sure of my ability I didn't realize I have the only clockwise transaxle this side of the pond. So, I met Mr Jack Shaft. only on paper since I have yet to decide ratio, location, mount area or if ot will all work in concert..
Sure it will, this just adds a few minutes to the build right? If I didn't have over a buttload ( technical term for you laymen) of hours in striping to bare metal, aircraft primer, 4 coats to be exact, paint job and a bath in clear many times over I'd would have found a new challenge.. but I'm not a quitter, I have too few brain cells to quit.

Steady at a snails pace we move forward. 7 driven pulley turns to the 7 inch pulley to 1 tire rotation. 13 tooth output sprocket and 5 gears to consider that change ratio at every upshift. While trying to wrap my head around what size jackshft sprocket and pully to buy I notice the driven pulley on the transaxle....a spring, period lobes behind pulley? For a second I thought...if the drive train binds it pops over a lobe instead of blowing up the axle gears...how smart was club car??? But wait the 2 times around the block with the factory lawn tractor sounding engine I remembered it opens up as the torque converter tightens.. since I have no slide adjustment on engine...like there's room if I did. . And the shaft can't be used to adjust 2 sides.... Dadgumiit 4 more hrs..now I'm off ratios and on new driven pulley and tensioner designs that will work best..this is where I am. What does tomorrow hold?
Not sure I just hope I can find the extra few minutes it will take to sort all this out.

Transaxle rpm limits disregard the governor.. tensioner ideas? I found the coolest thing.. roll ring but they refuse to sell it to non industrial I may need to tell them an u truth.. I need 2 and they are the best invention since oxygen. Cheers thanks for any enlightenment.
P.s.the sold mount to axle worked swimmingly, the frt new mount Design I'm still deciding.. maybe 2 car engine mount


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Well I had an epiphany yesterday on gear ratios that had me worried. If I keep jack shaft 1 to 1 with drive sprocket and the driven pulley the same diameter as rear sprocket on original bike I should be vert close to the same out drive.
Figuring out the right ratio on 1st gear os also the only one I need to concern myself with.... because I had been gathering numbers on all 5 gears I was overwhelmed with numbers.
Get 1st gear right the rest will fall into place.
Funny on these 1st time projects I start to over think everything trying to catch problems on paper before they hatch. Over thinking can creates problems that aren't really there.
I am still very concerned about tensioners since the jackshft and engine will be static mounted. I will need to fully rely on tensioner systems to keep the slack out.
This update ordered 2 motor mounts for the front of power plant ordering jackshaft and pillow block bearings today so I can line it all up before tacking the last 4 mount spot for final welds. Hope to have all this done in a few days depending on parts arrival times.


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Decided to nix the after-market mounts and just use the Motorcycles org. mounts. On to the jackshaft.