Voltage Reducer


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Has anyone made their own voltage reducer to go from 16 to 12 volts? Isn't it just a resistor in the wiring? I plan on building my own. We will see what happens. I have already calculated the resistor size needed with my headlights and radio on. Please let me know if you have any tips.


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One thing to consider is the amp draw.
I would think if it was as simple as a resistor someone would have done it a long time ago.
Not trying to rain on your parade, I hope it works sucessfully as the voltage reducers are rather pricey IMHO.

Jimmy B.


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Thanks for the tip. I have not found a resistor with the proper current draw. I seems hard to find. I am still persuing the idea, but have other updates to the cart that are more apealing at the time. I am installing a new flip seat this weekend and adding LED taillights.

Greg Moss

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Your problem is a resister will not compensate for a variable load. You need a voltage regulator to do that. If you could find a resister that drops the voltage to 12 volts it would drop further once you turned on the lights, and even further if you turned on a stereo. Best thing is to get the correct voltage reducer. I have one on my cart it works very well. converts 16 to 12 and it holds it constant when i turn on different items. You will find that a resister will not work as well as a regulator. the regulator controlls the voltage to ground. you will have to hook up all the grounds from what ever you are hooking up to the reducer and hook the other side of the reducer to the negative side of the battery pack you are using. I think they are around $70 all over the internet.