voltage reducer hook up


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I have a 48v club car. I bought a 48-12 voltage reducer and hooked up lights. After making the wires longer to reach the battery I hooked up the negative side of the input side of the reducer to 1 batttery on one side of the bank and the positive to the other side of the bank.

The reducer just started clicking and the light wont work.

I did try the lights on one battery before hooking up the reducer and the light worked fine.

Any idea to what batteries to hook to or is there soething crossed.

I triple checked the colrs from the lghts and the reducer and no luck.

thanks for anyone who can lead me down the path of light.


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Do you have a meter? If not, you need to get one.
How many wires are on your converter? 3, 4 or 5?
What kind of lights do you have?
Make sure nothing is grounded to the frame.
You need to have 48v into the voltage converter, do you have that?
If so how many volts do you have feeding the lights?


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I have the club car recessed light kit with plug ins.

Each battery is giving me 8v so yes I have 48 going in.

I do have it screwed to the frame, is this not good?

I cant seem to get a reading coming out of the unit?