Volage reg, from 3 wires to 4?


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Last week my 93 CC gas cart kept going dead. I checked the voltage at the battery at half throttle and was 12.3 volts. Battery is 7 mon. old and starter gen is 1 year old. I decided to try replacing the voltage reg and found that my original reg had 3 wires and my new one has 4. One red, one yellow, two black. One of the black wires has a ring connector, the other a slide on "spade?" female connector. Which black wire do I use? Do I need the other one for anything? Thanks.


Use the black wire with the ring terminal for your ground and tape the other black wire with the spade terminal up, you don't need it on your cart. So basically you'll wire it just like the old one and not use the black wire with the spade terminal.


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HRC is correct also keep in mind its not gonna fit like the old one ..............don,t know why they made it longer but they did.................................