Vintage Club Car


It's a Club Car Caroche. I've never seen one with a top and doors Ike that. Someone probably made them. Parts are getting hard to find for them.


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Here's some information I found about Vanguard's:

Inspired by Club Car's golf cart design and partly in response to the 1970s fuel crisis, a company called Sebring-Vanguard produced its first electric vehicle, the Vanguard Coupe (sometimes referred to as the EV Coupe), in 1974. Company founder and President Robert G. Beaumont working with designer Jim Muir, came up with the CitiCar after this earlier EV Coupe was not an immediate success. This second attempt was still based on a lot of the Club Car's mechanical features, though.

Produced in its plant in Sebring, Florida, the CitiCar was a small wedge-shaped electric vehicle. Early versions had no extra features and can be considered an experiment in minimalist automotive design; it was as basic a people mover as could be bought at the time. By 1976, enough CitiCars were produced to promote Sebring-Vanguard to the position of being the U.S. #6 auto manufacturer after General_Motors, Ford, Chrysler, American Motors Corporation and Checker Motors Corporation but ahead of Excalibur and Avanti Motors. Production of the CitiCar continued until 1977 with about 2,300 CitiCars produced.

Commuter Vehicles, Inc. purchased the CitiCar design, and renamed the vehicle Comuta-Car. Production of this upgraded version began in 1979 and Commuter Vehicles, Inc. produced an estimated 2,144 Comuta-Cars and Vans. At about 4,444 total C-Cars in all its variants produced it held the record for most road-legal Post War electric cars made in the United States, until the Tesla Model S greatly exceeded that number in 2013


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I do not know where that cart was located, the post is about 7 years old.

There are a few more of these cars that have surfaced recently, if you check the Citicar Facebook page you can find pictures of a couple more.