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Just got our jeeping videos from my friend. He shot them on tape and transferred them to DVD. I have 1 Title and 33 Chapters. I want to be able to record chunks from the DVD Chapters to my hard drive. I need to be able to edit start and stop points. The finished file needs to be uploadable to Photobucket, Youtube, etc. What do I need?


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I did a search Video Editing Software. has a list of Free Video Editing Software That's Worth Your Time. Edit Your Movie For Free With Free Video Editing Software. This is where I would start looking for answers and solutions. Just my


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I am using Pinnacle moving making software. Although, my Cannon PowerShot SD 300 camera functions okay, I need to upgrade to a better camera with an external mic. Having the ability to place the mic close and pull back the camera would be a lot better. I learned on windows movie maker too. It is great place to start but very limted. I hope this helps my friend.