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I would like to know what the NGKRA looks for in a venue it considers to be viable. If this is outlined over at the NGKRA site, I can't find it. But I can't find the mayo in the fridge when it's right on the shelf in front of me...

If this info already exists, great, tell me where it is. I'd like to get an education so if an opportunity presents itself, I can speak intelligently and possibly promote the cause at the foot soldier level. If not, I believe it would be a wise move to educate us on how to promote golf kart racing at this level. With two associations out there, and the inevitable mass recognition of this sport to come, the real race is at the association level at this point. No? Yes...

I've been on the board of directors for one of only two trade associations established for manufacturers in the fire industry for many years, I've recently stepped down. One of the very simple things we did was to make a single page flier that was entitled "Ten most important things to know about (insert association here)". This was made available to our members via a download-able link on the web as well as links provided for member company sites, and handed out to anyone who would read it that had anything to do with the industry.

You guys know I'm a newbie, so if I'm all wet here just let me know. (Like you wouldn't....)


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Home page has some info. The site will be updated as soon as the 1st race is scheduled.


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The I-40 Dragway 1650 Creston Rd, Crossville, TN 38571 is 635 miles from Waldo, WI and 636 miles from Orlando, FL. Can't get much closer to middle. Maybe a little far from Texas, but only 70 miles from where i'm moving to.


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I'm in, but it's gotta be warm... I went through Nashville this morning, 22 and black ice on 65


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I hope to make it to one of the races this year to do some spectating and meet y'all.