using my golf cart for my project


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i have a golf cart whose motor and controller i intend to use for my project,i am designing a electric bike using these components,the first obvious problem i am facing is the big heavy lead acid battery pack,the cart originally has a 48V battery pack with 6 number of 8V 200Ah batteries,can i replace these with smaller lithium-ion batteries(4 number of 12V 100Ah)?i know i cannot use the same charger from the golf cart,i will have to make another charger for the li-ioin batteries,but can i use the li-ion battery pack in this way instead of the lead-acid battery pack?
these kinda doubts require technical knowledge,this is why i am posting this on your website.
please help.


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yes you can run an type of battery to get your 48volts..... the controller and motor dont know the difference between lith lead or AGM just the performance will be different....

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post some pics of your project