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I puchased a third hand Club Car from a buddy for $650.00. He owned it for years and put new batteries and a new OBC on it last year. The serial number is A9721-574200. After spending most of last night reading the CC forums, I still have no idea about what Hardware the cart came with stock. can anyone give me some details about the cart based on the serial number? Motor size? motor type?Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have never owned a cart and would really enjoy making upgrades as money and time allowed. I am going to start by purchasing a spindle lift and then install the new oversized 22" tires that my buddy included with the cart. Any and all input from you all would be welcome!!


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The cart is a 1997. I believe the 48 volt Club Car DS came with a 3.1 HP motor made by GE. The 36 volt DS came with a 2.97 HP motor made by GE. 1997 could be either a resistor coil or electronic controller speed control. You can look at the batteries to see if it's 36 or 48 volt.
$650.00 was a good deal for a cart with new batteries...


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Yes, it is a 48 volt cart. I don't seem to have the "run/tow" switch I have seen mentioned elsewhere on the forums. Does the fact I don't have that switch tell me any other specifics about the cart? I found the wiring diagrams in the "resources" section of this forum, but there seem to be a few different schemes and I don't know which one I will need yet. :dazed: Hopefully I can get home from work with enough time to dig into the cart.
I am guessing that this is a "DS" model. based on pictures I have seen of other's carts on the forum.
I will try to post some pics, hopefully tomorrow, if I can figure out how to do it.
My wife is not gonna be happy....... This is all I need, another time consuming hobby....LOL!!
I haven't even turned a screw on the cart yet, but have had alot of fun reading through this forum and looking at pics of other peoples carts trying to form a gameplan for my project.
"Thanks", to all of you who contribute to this forum by sharing your knowledge and experience! :hattip: