Upgrading motors or speed controllers


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Hi guys,

i have a 2002 48 club car lifted with 26" mudders. It needs more torque and a little speed would be nice. Ive seen the upgrade kits at Buggies Unlimited and wonder if thats the way to go. Any thoughts?


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I've never heard anyone complain about the kits they bought from BU. I've never used one so I can't tell you much about them. You could also contact EMP, Plum Quick or D&D and let them know what you want to get out of your cart and they will steer you in the right direction.
We have quite a few guys here that are running Club Cars with upgraded motors and controllers so I'm sure you'll get some good advise when they see your post.


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I am running everything from the large BU kit except the motor. The "bad boy" motor that BU sells can be purchased for a lot cheaper from Plum Quick in a rebuilt. I love PQ (purple) motors. They are the best. My Cart does well over thirty and does straight up and down wheelies ( I keep this to three times now). The handle on the motor is a God Send when installing. At 48 volts I have no overheating problems. With four people on the cart I have to be careful to not throw anyone out. My controller is a 700 amp curtis.


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Hello jfk and welcome;

I also installed one of BU's kits in my '01 36 volt CC. There are both pro and con to using the kits IMO. On the pro side, everything for the most part that you need for the job is contained in the kit and it is all designed to work together, no guess work as to which controller works with which motor works with which.....In addition the kits come with detailed instructions which can be of tremendous help to a novice attempting an install as is often the case. On the con side, the kits are rather pricey and when you add the cost of shipping it is much worse (mine added $110.00). The kits are built around certain factors such as speed or torque or a combo of both though from the catalog it would appear that they will change the content of the kit to address your specific needs. I would talk with them and tell them exactly what you want to do with your buggie. Just my .02 worth for what it is worth, hope it helps. FYI, photos of my install are in the CC drivers section here under my name. Good luck, we will be looking for up-dates...