unscrupulous repair shop


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I recently took a '96 gas CC to a repair shop because the starter/generator quit. They called and gave me a price of $1200.00. Said I needed a starter, solenoid, carburetor and battery. Since it was running only 2 days earlier I felt I was getting scammed so I told them I'd come take it back. While installing a new starter, I noticed every wire was disconnected from a terminal just behind the gearshift. What jerks!
Anyway, what I've got is two terminal blocks. One has 2 wires, the other has 3. The wires are black, green, orange, white and red/white. Can anyone tell me which wires go where?


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Thanks for the link. I've wired everything together and it's running great. The carb is a little more than a year old and the battery even less. I'd already tested the battery and solenoid. The battery had 12.89 volts and when trying to start, the solenoid output post read the same. I realize not all repair shops are crooks, but this guy said it wouldn't start until all these parts were replaced. Also when I picked it up the battery was gone. They said it was no good and they had already thrown it away. Nobody throws batteries away. All this led me to believe these wires were disconnected out of spite.
Anyway, thanks for the link. All is good now.


It sounds like a shady shop to me. I'd stay clear of them for sure. Even if the cart did need a starter, solenoid, carburetor and battery which it didn't the price shouldn't have been $1200
Hell you can buy a running 96 Club Car gasser for that king of cash lol...