Universal Turn Signals Not Working


I can't get these turn signals to work properly. I connected everything the way the diagram shows, minus the red wire that runs to the stop light switch since I don't have one.

Flip the lever and the front turn signal will come on but is dim, steady(no blinking) and also the blinker indicator on the column does not work . The flashers will blink sometimes but they are also dim and the indicators on the column won't work either.

I did this in stages, first completing the front lights and then worked my way to the rear. When I contact the orange wire to the rear light(wire running to the driver side rear light) the front d.s. blinker will act as if it isn't getting enough juice and then dies out. Remove the orange wire and the front comes back on.

In an attempt to rule out that the turn signal isnt getting plenty of juice, I connected the orange wire(d.s. rear) to the positive terminal on the battery. This makes the front driver side light up BRIGHT but still no flashing, just steady on. Remove it and the blinker dims again.
Think this means something is wrong.

Here's the wiring diagram. The flasher box with the 3 wires running to it(red, blue and black), I switched them around trying a few different variations. In one attempt I was able to get the blinker indicators on the column to work, but everything else in the circuit was dead. Others lead to either nothing working at all or just how it was the first time I hooked everything as the diagram showed.

I checked and triple checked all the grounds and connectrions, they good. Have any ideas?


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I guess your signal switch is mounted to the steering colum. Does that switch have a good ground where it's attached? Is the flasher grounded good also? I know you triple checked your grounds but it's easy to get a bad ground & did you check the grounds with a meter?


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I had trouble with my turn signals too. But I can not remember the specifics. Seems to me that there was an extra wire in the long harness and that was for an extra ground. Seems that I had a couple wires on the blinker turned around too. One of those blinker wires is just a ground, it seems. Also, I would check and make sure that the red wire for the stop switch is not making a ground. I know that is a lot of "it seems' but it seems that is all I have for you.