Unhooked Club Car Governor Will It Hurt Anything


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Question about a 95 Club Car governor. Right now I have it unhooked, do I need to use it will it hurt anything in the rear end or just be ok. I got a new engine in the golf cart and running just concerned if I can use it or do I hook up because if I use it I will have to fab cable brakets up for it. I havent ran it down the road yet to realy find out how it is. Right now I have it in the high speed spot to where it doesen't move
will it be a problem?
thanks , CC -GT


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I thought that someone who actually knows something would respond here. But........
The third member of my 86 CC with an 18 Briggs, just has the Governor connectors removed. I have read that the inner workings of the Governor can and does let loose now and then and ruin the gears. I am going to install taller gears this Summer, so, for now, I am just taking my chances. This Summer, when I split the housing, I will remove the vestigial remains of the Governor.