Under Seat Storage


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Fellow Carters, My latest project i hope to have finished by weeks end. Will post more pics as project progresses.
should hold 20 BEERS/ or favorite Beverages, when not in use as a cooler should be able to store small air pump, jumper cables and anything else possible needed. before a lot of questions yes these items still need done - locks/hasps changed to flat locks, Drain, rack (just in case unwanted water intrusion) when not using as cooler, Cut rear deck for install, paint completely black.
When seat folded it should be covered and might even cut and install thin mat so totally unseen and very little intrusion into bagwell where license plate is. I should only have around 50-60 total when completed will post complete list of needed items to assist in your install if needed. Thanks for looking and as always Feedback is always welcomed.


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Clever idea along with making wasted space useful.
?- 1, what is the SS pan from or it part of the cooler...what Brand cooler
?- 2, is it recessed (mounting from under) to sit flush with the lid on
?- 3, how do U plan on keeping debris out if using it for work chores
I for one am anxious to see the finished product.


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1) So far using a full size steamer pan and a 20x12 cargo door which has a water tight seal for campers.
2) yes it will be recessed into deck with drain where located in pic. ( pics to follow when completed)
3) might cut rubber mat to cover when all said and done.
more info to follow as this is going on a whim in my head so far things are working out as planed, I haven't put pen to paper but just crazy ass thoughts in my skull and as stated in previous post. I will include complete list of needed items for someone to follow or change for their needs


I really like your idea and immediately went out to check mine only to realize that it would block my "YAMAHA" that I put into lights.
Oh well...it was a good thought anyway and a great idea.



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Here's a little update


PIC 1- Insulated outside/ covered with matte finish HVAC foil tape

PIC 2 - Rear view with pan installed don't hardly see it {PERFECT} PIC 3 - Close-up of pan PIC 4/5 - top view PIC 6 - seat folded up