TXT Plastic body repair materials?


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I need to repair a hole in the plastic body on my EZGO TXT. Does anybody know what kind of plastic these bodies are made out of and which adhesive is compatable with the plastic TXT bodies? I own a body shop, and can determine this on my own, but it could take some time doing test areas to determine which materials adhere to this particulat plastic. I felt someone may have already been through this and may be able to save me the time of figuring it out on my own. I usually use 3M Panel bond materials with good results, but the bodies on these carts may be made from something that these materials do not adhere to. Any help would be appreciated.



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scott, here is what i found out about tpe and so called bondo,
It does not have the chemical properties necessary to adhere to plastic properly and more importantly, it is not flexible. So even if you do get it to stick, it will crack if it is moved in any way. A product known as "polyflex" must be used in plastic bumpers in combination with special cleaning agents and adhesion promoters.
how bad is the hole in the body? will it flex where the hole is?


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Hey Scott thanks for the info, I am just wondering if this would work on a right front corner. Is this product for the rookie or should I take it to my body guy? Lastly is this something I can get a hold of I found it online for $450 for 6 kits but I only need one and cant find a single kit. Thanks for any advice you have