TXT DCS with no reverse


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Hi all,

My son's school has a TXT with a DCS controller. It's developed a new problem where it will go forward but not reverse.
When setting the selector to reverse, the backup alarm sounds. Pressing the throttle does pull in the solenoid. If I measure across the field outputs of the controller, I don't get any voltage in reverse with the throttle pressed. It sounds to me like a bad controller but before I spend $500 of the school's money I'd sure like to have someone smarter than me tell me that's that case.



If the reverse micro is working I'd say it's a bad controller. Pretty common on the DCS carts. You can buy a Alltrax replacement for less than $500 and they're better than the stock controller.


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here is something to try. I just had a dcs cart do the same thing to me.. turned out to be the forward and reverse wires on the controller were loose. these are the black/white wires that attach to the controller w/ a female electrical connection. I crimped the wires while they were on the cart and it ran great. who knows you might get luckey

Tony G

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If your looking to keep the cost down, another option is a remanufactured stock controller. It's just like buying a rebuilt motor for your car. They usually come with a pretty good warranty too.