Two EZGO Marathons Project Build


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I have two 89 EZGO Marathons I bought them for an unbeleivable cost of a hundred bucks and I am making one nice one. Pics of the new Marathon build project will be following and I will be posting my progress every so often.


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Here are the some pics of the pair of EZGO Marathons I'll be using for this build.





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Thanks, Today I powerwashed it and got the motor ready to get put in the cart (not worth posting pics today but there will be some tomorrow hopefully) By tomorow I hope to put in the motor and try to get the motor running.


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Nice find! :thumbsup: Would you consider selling one of the rear ends to help fund the new parts you will need? If so how much would you let it go for? Keep me in mind please hint, hint.....hehehe



Coolness!! You're lucky to find a 4 stroke Marathon. That way if you ever want to big block it you already have the rear end to do it.

Scratch that, I see 2 tanks. But you still have a 4 stroke rear end! :)


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Today I got the motor out, the mount and starter.


The starter pivot it was so seized up I had to cut it off which will be a pain when I start re-assembling it.


Here is the cart when I finished taking it apart


And here is the cart I am going to put the motor in.


Tommorow I might start on assembling it if that mount doesnt take up all my time. I guess I wont get the motor running for atleast three more days.


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Trevor, great progress!! You are very lucky to have two engines for parts. What are your plans for the finished cart? Do you plan on using the oil injection?

Keep up the good work!!



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Yeah, I am using the oil injection I dont like mixing the two.

My plans are to get it running good and then paint the cart black with a white and black striped seat, maybe get bigger tires for those 8 in rims, and put in some custom dimond plate in the cart to make it look nice and add value when I have time to make it. Maybe even put a custom box on it.


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Well today I got pretty much nothing done except tearing out rotted metal on the motor mount since I had to go somewhere, tomorrow Ill post pics of what I get done these two days.


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Today I was busy half the day so I only got a custom motor mount cover done and the new pivot for my starter.

The starter pivot was filled up with so much stuff the bolt was seized up and I had to cut it out


In this picture it shows the new pivot welded in


Heres what I started from to make my custom motor mount gaurd


and after three coats of black paint and 20 minutes of plasma cutting
(The pic may look a little skrewed up since I didnt notice the gaurd was crooked before I uploaded the pics)


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Yesterday I was to tired to post this but here it is.

Heres a pic of the motor on the mount.


Then I wired it up to check compresion and spark


and I found out the starter wasnt working so I had to clean the brushes and the poles.


And I finally got it ready to put in the cart.


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During the last couple days I couldnt work because of the plans I had this week and the scorching heat that came across NJ but today I was able to get a little done before giving up. I painted the speed regulator plate, the air filter cover, and I guess you'd call it the throttle switch cover. I also installed most of the parts I took out to test and repair if needed and cleaned the gas and oil tanks. Tomorow I hope to finishing assembling the cart except for the parts that are shipping. I also hope to start on my cusyom lift kit, does anyone know how the bolt on lift kit would go for the coil springs on my kind of cart? I dont want to cut and weld but I might have no choice.


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Ok, today it was still scorching hot but I did manage to install mostly everything to prepare for the parts that are supposed to come tomorrow :) but I only just started my custom lift kit so it might take another day, on the bright side I get to work in a nice cool shop :)
well atleast I got some pics.

Here is my hour paint job on the air filter case.



Here is everything painted and installed



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Well yesterday I wasnt able to post this but today I will since I couldnt work today.

Finally got my parts: battery+muffler+filters+front cowl + shipping=$253 :eek:


Then I started on my custom 3" lift kit


I took off the front end and brought it in my dads shop


I then took a piece of 3"X 3 1\2" galvanized steel square tube and cut it in two 3.5" pieces



I then took the leaf spring plate and transfer punched it to each piece of galvinized steel and drilled them with a drill press.


I then took a piece of 3"X 1 1\2" rectagular tube and cut in two pieces of 1.5"


I then drilled two holes, one 3\8 and one 5\8 on each to ocomodate the shock and shock mount


I then gave them a nice paint job with 3 layers of black then 2 of clear


now all I have to do is install the front lift and start working on the back.


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Well I got the front lifted three inches and I am moving to the back. Heres a pic. The cart looks on a tilt because it is jacked up from the back.


Heres the start on the bottom of the seat