Turning a Vintage Taylor Dunn Cart Into a Solar Generator


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How much money would a fella have tied up in those panels if ya don't mind me askin'.

Don't want to put a number on the whole project because its now for sale, BUT its inline with buying a new non solar cart. Not bad for a mobile off grid solar system that does double duty as a cart. Panels were about 1500.


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Here are the pics with it in Biker rally party mode.


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OK so I looked it up on eBay I found out that that’s a stripper pole in the back so we’re going to need more pictures


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Great idea about the mobile generator capacity of a golf cart. Mine is going to be one in the next year or two. It will not have the generating capacity of yours due to the lack of square footage, but it will serve very well. It looks like about $1200 to $1600 will get you a kit that will at least get you a few more miles on a charge as well as a no-plug-in charge if you only use your cart once a day or so. Since I fell in love with my cart's style, I now have to think about looks, too. Damn it(wife loves it now). After the solar charger comes the inverters. Thanks for the motivation and validation of the idea.


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Never sold. no interest in it on ebay, Soooooooo, i upgraded it with a solar trailer. Gonna add another panel on it tomorrow to make it 2000 watts total on both rigs. Using two solar chargers , one for each group of panels. Should really ramp up its power. The forward and reverse switch seems to going out on it. With a nearly 600 price tag, I've decided to use my covid 19 stimulus check to upgrade it to

Pkg C54U 500 amps. Heavy Duty components for heay use like with bigger tires, more passengers, hilly campground or farm use. Any situation where the cart will do more than transport 2 people on flat ground... C54U is the better choice. This kit includes a built-in cooling fan which allows the control to sustain peak out longer. Controller has a 570 amp peak output. Use with the stock motor or any aftermarket motor. This kit will run on 36 or 48v right out of the box. It is ready for that 48v upgrade when you are.

Due to the size and weight of these older carts C54U is the best bet for the job.
Now may be time to look into having the original motor refreshed or replaced.


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I would love to take a look at adding on a couple of panels on my cart to have a cordless charging system. Where is a good place to get solar panels, controllers and inverters?