Turned my brake drums

Dmax Charlie

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Everything I've read says you can't turn brake drums.

I had a brake adjuser locked up and I had new brakes, bearings & seals so I figured what's to lose. My BIL gave me a new set of brakes, found the sealed bearings at work and I had to buy the seals.

Tore everything down, cleaned, lubricated and replaced parts, indicated brake drums in the metal lathe and turned them down about .006 until they cleaned up.

The brakes were dragging about every 1/2 turn and it was hard to get them adjusted anyway, so I figured, what do I have to lose.

What a difference. I think the cart is a little faster now even more than with the new motor, wires & controller.

If you know someone with a metal lathe, brake drums can be resurfaced.



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Sure, they CAN be turned, but the stated advice has always been that they SHOULDN'T be turned. There is no maximum drum diameter stamped into the drums, so there is no way to know if you have exceeded the safety margin. However, I am sure that if you only took off .006" you would be ok.