Turn Signals Don't Flash After Installing a MadJax LED Light Bar


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I have a 2006 Club Car Precedent that had a very dim incandescent headlight/turn signal light bar. I purchased and installed a MadJax replacement LED bar (02-032) and it works correctly except the blinkers don't flash. When the turn signal lever is thrown, the turn signal lights come on, the buzzer buzzes but no blinking. I read that it may be a flasher issue. I purchased a replacement flasher that says it is good for LED's but still no change (actually, it was the same EF12 that was already installed).
I'm assuming because the lights come on, the wiring is good (oh, yeah... the turn signals worked fine before changing out the light bar).
Any ideas or do I return the light bar and just live with the thing I've got?


I know some LED turn signals require a resistor for the flasher to work properly. I'd contact whoever you bought the Madjax light bar from and see what they have to say. Welcome to the forum. :hattip:


On some of the Club Car Precedent light bars you can replace the headlight bulbs with LED's. I found them for my Precedent light bar but never ordered them and forgot where I located them.