Tuning the carb - 92 Club Car


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I am completely new to the world of Golf Carts but like tinkering with old stuff so just bought a 1992 Club Car that I think has a 4 stroke motor - haven't really looked too deeply yet.

I need to tune the carb as the engine will not run full throttle - if I tickle the gas pedal then I can get it to move at about 5mph - on a hill as I depress the gas pedal it just dies and it runs as though the mixture is far too lean - may be an air leak or just a weak mixture.

I'm trying to source a workshop manual, printed or download, but in the meantime can someone give me some basic settings and where the adjustments are?



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It sounds like you may have some dirt in the carburetor. Also make sure the air filter box is sealed completely.

Another thing you can check is the valve lash. Here's a thread that will help you with adjusting the valves...

If your still having problems let us know...