Truly embarassed to do I lift the seats


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Boy, do I feel like a dummy!

The fellow delivered my 1982 Yamaha cart yesterday, flipped open the seats and for me to look at the batteries and the inside of the cart. Last night after I went for a drive, I thought I'd open her up and check her out a bit more. Imagine my surprise that one can't simply lift the seats as in my Cushman!

So, while very embarassed, ask I must. What button or magic must one perform to open the seats?

And, while we're at this full disclosure, where do you plug in the charger to the cart? Again, on my Cushman, it's right under the seats.

Finally, I found a top for my cart and as this once had one, would it be difficult to find the mounting brackets to put a top back on the cart? The topper includes the plastic top and the four poles.

Thanks to all who respond, it's greatly appreciated.


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Hey, thanks for your reply! I am even more embarassed to admit that after much looking and tugging, I finally was able to simply lift the seats up like my Cushman! My excuse is that I've had two shoulder surgeries and don't care to lift too much as I could break that tendon off again.

And, I did locate where I plug in the battery charger...simply under my nose on the back! Apparently the cover was broken off and had been attached with a spring mechanism? Anyway...these questions will likely meet the dumbest question of 2010!

However, I do have a legitimate question...behind the drivers side, on the top of the cart behind the seat, there is a small lid with a turn knob. It does look like it would be to add gas to a gas engine, but, mine is an electric. Any other thoughts on what this is for?

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.