Trouble Shifting From Forward Or Reverse

My EZGO gas golf cart runs great but I am having periodic trouble shifting now from forward or reverse. I have to get out and push the cart to get into forward or reverse. Once it's locked it's fine. All the shifting mechanics seam fine. Do the little screws on top of the springs need adjusting?
I did just change over to a 28 clutch and I am also using the short belt, it's great :thumbsup:
Would this cause it? The lever flips very easy BTW, just doesn't always engage.
Thanks for any input.
The F/R lever moves back and forth very easy. It just does not always make the rear differential shift from one gear to the other. I have to push on the cart till I hear a click. It does climb a hill like you won't believe. :)


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Same thing happened to me on my gasser. The shorter belt for some reason was my problem. That and when I was in a tight spot tryin to go back-n-forth to turn around or the rear end was in bind of any kind it would happen...thats why you are having to roll the cart.


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I would spend the money and replace the shift cables, with them being spring loaded on both ends they need to move easy. if they get dirt in them they will stick a little and the springs will compress but the cables won't move completely. some times a stick or rock will put a kink in one of the cables and thats all it takes. :twocents:


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If you put the cart in forward or reverse and start it, it won't fall into gear? You may have to go to the opposite direction 1st, but it should fall into either forward or reverse, depending on which direction the bind is. :hattip: :twocents:
You can change to forward or reverse and it stays in the previous gear. The lever moves very easily. Then I get out and rock the cart in the direction I want to go and I hear a click, then it goes...


I have to agree with the others on it being the shorter belt? Did you have shifting problems with the old belt? With the 28 degree clutch you shouldn't need a shorter belt.


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It sounds like you need to tighten the nuts on the top the springs.... It needs to push the fork more to go in gear....
At first I tried the 28 clutch and it did not do very well, so I put on the shorter belt and it still was not good. Took the clutch apart and moved the spring to the first or last hole (not sure how you look at it) and the damn thing came to life. :eek:
I guess I can try the stock belt and see if that does anything, but I sure love the low end power it has right now.