Trojan T 105 batteries/some confusion


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Hi, I have now new (March 2009) Trojans (6).....gotta h of a deal :) $121 plus $3 transportation and AZ sales tax; the local golf cart dealer wanted $142 + the tax.

The confusion is about (1) the 1/8" below the inside cowl (forgot what you guys call that)....the new ones came charged AND with water level at/touching the bottom of the "cowl".???? What do you make of that? What happened to the 1/8" rule?

The "cowl" is deeper/extends farther down and the notch is much deeper that the old US2200s. Also the filler caps are not in line but kinda zagged.

The man told me that the batteries have a memory and I should let them "run-down" at least below half charge before re-charging???? Understand that you guys and the Trojan Instructions say charge after every use and the batteries DO NOT have a memory. The man is wrong--right?

Should I remove water so I have the 1/8" observed?

I am going to do the charging like you and Trojan said :)


The Trojan T105 with the cell caps that run diagonally are T105+ batteries. They're supposed to be a little better than a regular T105. The specs and weight are the same so I'm not sure what the real difference is other than the cell alignment.

On my own carts I always fill Trojans until the level just touches the sleeve that sticks down into the fill well and never have any problems. If you notice any leaking on the top of the batteries 1/8" below the sleeve should stop it. If they still get acid on top when charging go to 1/4" below the sleeve. As long as the plates are covered your fine. I wouldn't take any acid out of them, let them go down on their own. Just rinse the batteries off with water if you notice any acid leaking onto the tops of the batteries after a charge.

Golf cart batteries don't have a memory. If you want to break them in right charge them after 15 - 30 minutes actual run time the first 10 - 15 charges. After that try not to let them go below 50% charge in between charges and they should last 5+ years easily. A good rule of thumb is if you use the cart for more than 15 minutes of actual run time charge the batteries and try not to let them go below 50% charged. So basically you don't want to let them drop below 6.05 volts per battery or 36.31 total pack volts

Here's a chart that shows the state of charge percentages.



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I just installed new batts today as well and this is great info. I'm going to add a state of charge meter. Should I wire this direct to the batts and have it hot full time or go somewhere else where it only reads when the key switch is on?